1. What is mobile broadband?
    Mobile broadband provides high-speed Internet connectivity while on-the-go without the limitation of having to stay in one place.

  2. What is 3G?
    3G or third generation is the generic term used for the next generation of mobile communications systems. This technology enhances mobile services available today and offer multimedia rich content, high-speed Internet access and the ability to view live video footage or video calls while offering transmission speeds of up to 384kpbs thus enhancing the Internet browsing experience.

  3. What is HSDPA?
    HSDPA or High-Speed Downlink Packet Access is a new mobile telephone protocol sometimes referred to as a 3.5G or 3½G technology. HSDPA is an evolution of the 3G standards, it increases the data download speeds for mobile devices with capability to offer data transmission speeds of up to 7.2Mbps.

  4. What is a USIM card?
    A USIM or Universal Subscriber Identification Module card is a Mobile SIM card with 3G capabilities. This card will serve you with the Instanet service.

  5. What is Instanet?
    Instanet is a Celcom prepaid broadband service that runs on Celcom 3G and HSDPA network that offers immediate Internet access.

  6. Why Instanet?
    Instanet is the simplest Internet access available with Malaysia’s widest coverage. All you need to do is plug, play and activate the service via SMS, there’s no hassle and no frills as it is primed and ready to go the second you purchase it. What’s more, no monthly commitments are involved; you would only need to pay for daily, weekly or monthly plans. Other added benefits are:

    Additional volume
    Purchase additional volume (RM3@100MB or RM10@500MB or RM15@1GB or RM50@5GB), you may call our Careline at 1 300 111 000 or 1111 (if you are calling from a Celcom mobile number) or send BROADBAND VOL to 22188 from your modem (Celcom data number).

    Check your Instanet coverage
    Check if your location has Instanet coverage via SMS or web.

    Via SMS
    Current location:
    SMS "Broadband here" to 21122

    Other specific location:
    SMS "Broadband<location>" to 21122
    e.g. "Broadband Jalan Usahawan, Cyberjaya"

    Via Web
    You can also get a broad view of Instanet coverage online.
    > Instanet coverage via web

  7. How much do I have to pay for the Instanet prepaid packs and plans?
    You can purchase either the Instanet prepaid pack for RM12.50 or Instanet prepaid pack with modem for RM108 and subscribe to any of the Instanet plans available, which are Instanet Daily (RM5/day), Instanet Weekly (RM18/week) and Instanet Monthly (RM50/month).

  8. Does the Celcom Money Back Guarantee apply to Instanet prepaid packs and plans?

  9. What do I get from the Instanet prepaid packs?
    The Instanet prepaid pack (RM12.50) consists of RM10 preloaded credit and a 3G USIM. While the Instanet prepaid pack with modem (RM108) also has RM10 preloaded credit and a 3G USIM, it also includes a USB modem. Both packs will have information on how to use the starter pack, how to activate and get connected to the Internet plus the terms and conditions of the service.

  10. Where can I purchase my Instanet prepaid pack?
    Walk in to any Blue Cube outlet or visit a Celcom Authorised Dealer nationwide to get your Instanet prepaid pack.
    > List of outlets

  11. What documents are required for registration?
    You will need to provide identification such as your IC, passport, Army/Police ID to be applicable for registration. Next, just send “Broadband activate” to 28882 to activate your account.

  12. Who is eligible for these Instanet prepaid packs and plans?
    This package is available to all Malaysians and foreigners.

  13. Are there any additional payments required upon first purchase?
    No, we do not charge for any installation or registration fee. You are only required to pay for the Instanet prepaid pack (RM12.50) or Instanet prepaid pack with modem (RM108).

  14. Is there any foreigners’ deposit requirement for Instanet prepaid packs and plans?

  15. How do I activate my Instanet prepaid pack?
    To activate the pack, all you need to do is SMS “Broadband activate” to 28882. A welcome SMS message will be delivered to you.

  16. How do I subscribe to the Instanet plans?
    Once you have purchased and activated your Instanet pack, you can subscribe for Instanet Daily, Weekly and Monthly plans via SMS. Do make sure that you have sufficient balance in your account to proceed. Click the links below and follow the simple steps to begin.

    Via SMS
    Type “Broadband Daily”, “Broadband Weekly” or “Broadband Monthly”, send to 28882 and follow the instructions.
  17. What are the data allocations of each Instanet plan?
    The Instanet Daily plan has a data allocation of 500MB, Instanet Weekly plan has 1GB of data and 1.5GB for Instanet Monthly.

  18. How can I check my Instanet subscription status?
    Just SMS "Broadband status" to 28882 in order to get information on your subscription status.

  19. How do I reload my account?
    You would need to purchase a reload ticket at any Blue Cube outlets or Celcom authorized dealers. To reload, SMS rec and send to 2888 (eg: rec 1234567891234567).

  20. What is the minimum top up amount if I want to reload my account?
    You may recharge with any amount that you wish. However, the minimum charge is RM5 for Instanet Daily, therefore you would need a at least RM5 in your account to activate the service.

  21. How do I check my credit balance?
    To check your credit balance, type BAL and send to 2888.

  22. What is the validity of my reload?

  23. What are the Internet speeds available for the Instanet service?
    You can enjoy speeds of up to 512kbps while on the Instanet service.

  24. Does the Instanet prepaid pack include voice services?
    No, Instanet is a data only service.

  25. Can I use the Instanet service overseas?
    Roaming services are not available for the Instanet pack.

  26. Would I be able to send and receive SMS if I subscribe to Instanet plans?
    You can receive and send SMS to certain short-codes only. As Instanet is a data only service, you will not be able to send and receive SMS to and from other broadband or voice numbers.

  27. What are the features of the USB modem that comes with the Instanet prepaid pack with modem? You will be provided with the Instanet USB modem with key specifications as stated below:
    • Plug and Play
    • Supports GPRS, EDGE, 3G and HSDPA at 3.6Mbps
    • Supports Win 7, Windows Vista, Windows XP, Windows 2000 and Mac OS 10.4 or above
    • Supports SMS capabilities
    • Modem software supports personalized configuration

  28. Does this USB modem come with a warranty?
    Yes, the USB Modem comes with a 12-month warranty period.

  29. Should my modem be faulty, how do repair or replace it?
    You can claim your warranty for the faulty modem from Celcom Authorised Service Centres nationwide. Should the modem be deemed faulty within the warranty period, you may receive a replacement. Please refer to the warranty card for information on the Service Centres.

  30. What happens if I misplace/lose my USIM card?
    As Instanet is a prepaid service, we cannot bear the cost of a lost USIM card. We suggest that you purchase another Instanet pack for only RM12.50, which includes a USIM card and RM10 preloaded credit.

  31. How can I terminate the Instanet package?
    There will be no need for a formal termination as you are only required to purchase prepaid reloads whenever you need to use the Instanet service, whether daily, weekly or monthly.

  32. Fair Usage Policy
  1. What is the Fair Usage Policy (FUP)?
    As part of Celcom’s ongoing commitment to provide reliable and high-quality broadband services to all our customers, Instanet has implemented a Fair Use policy on our Internet services. This enables us to ensure continuous delivery of the best possible service at all times to all our Internet subscribers.

    The Fair Usage Policy clearly defines the acceptable level of conduct between Instanet and its subscribers. This includes determining usage thresholds beyond which subscribers are classified as overusing the network.

    The policy is enforced by means of network management tools and servers and will only affect a small group of subscribers that continuously utilise high volumes of bandwidth, which affects the usage of others.

  2. Why is the Fair Usage Policy imposed?
    The Fair Usage Policy is needed because a small number of Instanet users excessively use the available bandwidth depriving a majority of other subscribers of their deserved bandwidth and quality of service. The actions and Internet activities by a handful of extreme users degrade the quality of service for the majority of subscribers by affecting their speed or even the ability to get connected.

    Therefore, the Fair Usage Policy is implemented to overcome this problem by ensuring fair allocation of bandwidth among all Instanet subscribers.

  3. Where can I find the complete policy?
    Click the link below to get the full definition of this policy.
    > Fair Usage Policy

  4. Am I bound to this policy?
    By signing the registration form, all Instanet subscribers have automatically agreed to the Terms and Conditions.
    > Terms and Conditions

  5. In the policy published on the website, it is mentioned that my bandwidth will be managed. What does this mean?
    This means that Celcom reserves the right to control or reduce your allocated speed. This action is more commonly referred to as "throttle" of speed. If you are found to have breached your allocated data volume, Celcom will reserve the right to throttle your speed based on your package allocation.

  6. What does data volume mean?
    Data volume is the total amount of data downloaded and uploaded while using the Internet. Each activity performed on the Internet, for example, e-mailing, general web browsing, files transferring, chatting, peer-to-peer downloading or online gaming will accumulate to your data volume. Celcom proactively monitors the data volume of each subscriber and will manage the bandwidth of the relevant subscribers when the usage exceeds the allocated data volume.

  7. How much is 5GB?
    1GB is 1024 MB (Mega Bytes)
    To be exact, 1GB (Giga Byte) is 1024 bytes x 1024 bytes x 1024 bytes = 1,073,741,824 Bytes. Thus 5GB is 5 times of that volume.

  8. What can I do with 5GB?
    5GB is about 1200 songs in MP3 format, or 5 two-hour movies, or 10,000 content rich websites like www.yahoo.com. As such, data volume of 500MB per month is more than enough for common broadband users.

  9. How do you impose the Fair Usage Policy?
    Celcom has procured and implemented state of the art monitoring tools that monitors individual data usage. Once an individual’s usage has reached its allocated limit, Celcom will send an alert to the customer and proceed with the bandwidth management exercise. This is an automatic and relatively accurate process.

  10. Will I get an alert once I’ve exceeded my bandwidth?
    You will receive an SMS from the short-code 25222 as a notification.

    Upon reaching 80% of your allocated volume, as such:
    “Friendly Reminder: Yr Broadband usage is reaching your limit of xxGB/mth. Get additional volume now to continue enjoying ur broadband svc at its current speed. Send BROADBAND VOL to 22188.”

    Upon reaching 100% of your allocated volume, you will receive:
    “Dear customer, you have exceeded your usage limit of xxGB/mth. Get additional volume now to continue enjoying ur broadband svc at its current speed. Send BROADBAND VOL to 22188.”

    Note: XX is your monthly allocated volume such as 500MB for Instanet Daily, 1GB for Instanet Weekly and 1.5GB for Instanet Monthly.

    However, under any unforeseen reason should the customer fail to receive any notification, Celcom will still proceed with the speed management as deemed necessary

  11. How can I check my bandwidth usage from time to time?
    You may check your Instanet usage by contacting the Celcom Customer Care Centre at 1-300-111-000 or send VOL STATUS to 22188 from your modem (Celcom data number).

  12. When you manage my bandwidth or throttle my speed, how will this affect me?
    Once our monitoring system detects a breach in your allocated volume, Celcom will send out the SMS and immediately proceed to reduce or throttle your speed. We will not block any Internet applications for users who exceed their allocated data volume, but merely reduce their allocated speed.

    For example, if your speed is up to 512kbps, your maximum speed will be reduced to 64kbps.

  13. How long is the throttle period for?
    Your speed will be maintained at the reduced speed until the expiry date of subscribed duration (if no additional volumes are purchased).

  14. What can I do to unthrottle my speed?
    In order to avoid being throttled, you may top up your account by purchasing additional data volumes. After this, your speeds will be return to normal after you disconnect and reconnect your Instanet connection.

  15. How can I purchase additional data volumes?
    To purchase additional volume (RM3/100MB or RM10/500MB or RM15/1GB or RM50/5GB), you may call our Careline at 1 300 111 000 or 1111 (if you are calling from a Celcom mobile number) or send BROADBAND VOL to 22188 from your modem (Celcom data number).

  16. When can I purchase the additional data volumes?
    You can purchase the additional data volume anytime before your expiry date. If you purchase the data volume after being throttled, you will need to disconnect and reconnect your Instanet connection to enjoy your original subscribed speed. If you purchase the data volumes before you are being throttled, your allocated volume will be topped up and throttling will only occur when your usage exceeds your accumulated data volume before the next expiry date.

  17. How many times can I purchase the data volumes?
    You may purchase the data volume as many times as you require.

  18. What are the Instanet packages that allow additional data volume purchase?
    You may purchase additional data volume for Instanet Daily, Instanet Weekly and Instanet Monthly plans. Simply upgrade your plan to enjoy more data volume.

  19. Can I carry forward all unused, purchased data volume to the next cycle?
    As Instanet is a prepaid pack, there is no bill cycle. Your data volume will expire when your subscribed Instanet plan expires.

  20. Are the purchased volumes refundable?
    All purchased volumes are non-refundable.

  21. Can I view my purchased history report?
    Yes, you may view your purchased history report for the past 3 months in the Celcom Online Customer Service portal.
    > Celcom Online Customer Service.

  22. What else can I perform in Celcom Online Customer Service portal (OCS)?
    These are among the many functions you may perform in OCS:
    • View Celcom Broadband usage in GB
    • Purchase additional data volumes
    • View purchase history
    • View Celcom bill statements
    • Make online payments
    • Subscribe to other services like E-Billing, auto-debit, etc
    • Prepaid online reload

  23. What are the applications that make my usage high?
    The following applications generally utilises high volumes of bandwidth:
    • Peer to Peer (P2P) file-sharing software (eg BitTorrent, eMule, P2P TV)
    • Peer to Peer TV, such as Joost, Sky Anytime, BBC iPlayer, or
    • Video on demand and video streaming services, for example YouTube videos
    • Virus, spamming and spywares.

  24. Can I send SMS from Instanet data number?
    Yes. You can send SMS to all networks from your Instanet data number.

  25. What is the SMS rate?
    RM0.15/message to all networks